• Art of Travel1

    THE ART OF TRAVEL in its purest form cultivates a state of uncertainty and moves beyond a situation of similitude towards a condition where there is no likeness. The mere going to places—the crossing of physical space, the visiting of different countries, societies, and landscapes—is not necessarily to travel, for one can travel far—mentally—within a

  • Mahābhārata Cinema

    Mahābhārata Cinema0

    THERE has been much talk and discussion recently in the press and on the web about future prospects for a new cinema version of Epic Mahābhārata. I would like to add a few professional words to this ongoing dialogue. The Mahābhārata describes a world of heroes who are neither mortal nor divine but who oscillate

  • The Death of Bhisma

    The Death of Bhisma0

    THE BATTLEFIELD is still covered with broken pieces of weaponry and rotting human and animal corpses, funeral pyres are smoking and there are ghosts wandering the terrain.1 Kṛṣṇa is the first to speak and he naturally praises the dying warrior, exorting him to, pāṇḍuputrasya śokaṃ … vyapanuda, ‘drive away the grief of the son of


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